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TROY SecureRx Printer

TROY SecureRx Printers, based on the HP LaserJet 3015 and 602 printers have been specifically designed to bring healthcare facilities into full compliance with new Medicaid prescription printing regulations in a trouble-free, cost effective way. The printer integrates seamlessly into existing EMR systems, and can be used for both secure printing and non-secure print jobs, eliminating the need for multiple office printers.

The TROY SecureRx Printer is a complete compliance solution equipped with security software and hardware that meets all three of the regulation guidelines. It prevents unauthorized copying, modification, and counterfeiting of prescriptions, while virtually eliminating the burden on your staff and reducing printing costs.

TROY 3015 SecureRx Printer | TROY 602 SecureRx Printer

The TROY SecureRx uses a copy-void pantograph to prevent unauthorized copying. The pantograph is a hidden feature that appears across a photocopied version of a securely printed prescription in the form of a word such as "VOID", "Illegal" or "Copy".
A unique watermark of user defined variable data, printed diagonally across the front or back of each prescription. With fields such as the patient name, drug being prescribed and quantities this intelligent anti-tampering technology helps to verify that each prescription has not been altered.

Microprinting can be used to prevent unauthorized copying of prescriptions. When using this very small font, which is readable when viewed at five times magnification or greater, it will appear illegible when copied.

To receive a comparative analysis of microprint fonts of varying sizes and discusses the considerations of authentication in live use cases click here.