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TROY SecureUV Printers

TROY is proud to introduce our newest line of printers, which will print specified information in ultraviolet (UV).  This helps to enhance document security to prevent fraud and provides authentication for high value documents such as: government issued certificates, identity documents, tickets, corporate contracts, certificates of authenticity, judicial and legal documents, medical applications, vital records, titles of ownership, educational reports, diplomas and shipping documents.
Users can combine visible or invisible UV elements, and partial color elements to create customized and highly secure documents which can be printed on plain paper or added to pre-printed forms for additional fraud deterrence. The UV toner is only visible under a specified UV light helping to deter fraudster from creating fake documents.

TROY MICR Security Printers
TROY SecureUV 451 LaserJet Printer
The TROY m451 LaserJet SecureUV Printer offers the ability to print select areas of a document with ultraviolet UV toner that is only visible under a specified UV light.
Models: 451 LaserJet Printer

TROY 8100 Officejet SecureUV Printer
The TROY MICR 401 Printer offers printer resident MICR and Security Fonts in a factory-configured package. At 35 ppm with a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages, this is a valuable solution for small business with low volume check printing needs.
Models: 8100 Officejet Printer