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TROY has teamed up with All My Papers (AMP) to develop a cost effective solution for printing Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) from Return Image Cash Letter (ICL) files offered by the FedReceipt and FedReceiptPlus services provided by the Federal Reserve Bank.   This solution includes a TROY MICR 2055 Printer, Samples of TROY IRD Security Check Paper and the X9 Viewer software, which provides the ability to view and print IRDs. 


TROY IRD 2055dn Printer

TROY's solution provides the ability to print ICL files received from FedReceipt and FedReceipt Plus


Advantages of Printing with ICL files:
Disadvantages of Printing with PDF files:
Secure file transmission Subject to common email receipt errors
Consistent early arrival daily Arrival varies day to day
Viewable only with X9 Viewer PDF viewing security risk
Quality assured 3up check format Sizing subject to user format print errors
Set up meets X9.37 requirements Customer must verify X9.37 requirements
TROY MICR Toner Secure Cartridge
Companies are loosing billions of dollars a year due to check fraud. TROY MICR Toner Secure, a patented solution, helps protect checks and negotiable documents against chemical alterations.


Model Numbers

TROY IRD 2055dn Solution (01-01011-101)
1 tray, no tray lock