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TROY Security Printers

TROY MICR Printers
As a worldwide provider of Secure Output Solutions, TROY’s MICR security printers deliver the ultimate level of security for localized, distributed and production workgroup applications. TROY's security printing solutions offer breakthrough innovations in fraud-deterrent security, unsurpassed quality and operational controls, as well as flexible integration, technical expertise, service, and support.
Models: 2055 MICR | 3015 MICR | 4014 MICR | 4015 MICR | 4515 MICR | 9050 MICR |


Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are being utilized as a way to save money through the consolidation of assets and conserve space being utilized by multiple devices, TROY has brought to market the first HP based MICR MFP. With the reliability of HP based solutions and the additional security of TROY, MICR MFPs provide the ability to consolidate workspace while eliminating the risk of unauthorized copying or duplicate check printing. 

Models: 3035 MICR |

TROY IRD Printers
A solution that allows banks to comply with the substitute check standards established in 2004.  TROY offers a complete line of printers and paper, as well as the middle ware application that can transform the files from words to substitute checks. 
Models: 2055 IRD Solution | 3005 IRD | 9050 IRD |


TROY Security Printers
TROY Security Printers help safeguard paper stock with secure locking trays, providing only authorized personnel with access.  Currently these printers are being used to help protect prescription, transcript, check and plain paper stock that is located in an open office environment.
Models: 2055 Security | 3015 Security | 4014 Security | 4015 Security |



TROY SecureRx Prescription Printers
TROY SecureRx Printers have been designed to bring healthcare facilities into full compliance with new Medicaid prescription printing regulations in a trouble-free, cost effective way.
Models: 3015 SecureRx | 4015 SecureRx

HP Printers

HP Monochrome Printers
For office environments who don't have security risk or the need to print MICR, TROY provides standar HP LaserJet
Monochrome Printers.  HP black and white printers provide outstanding reliability having received PC Magazine Readers' Choice Award 14 years in a row. 
Models: LJ P2055 | LJ P3015 | LJ 4014 | LJ 4015 | LJ 4515 | LJ 9050 |


HP MFP and AIO Units

A solution that provides the ability to consolidate space without all of the added security or need to print MICR, the HP MFP provides the ability to copy, print and scan, the AIO has the added benefit of fax capabilities.  The HP MFP and AIO units provide the ability to save space, time and money. 

Models: 3035 MFP | 3055 AIO | 4345 MFP | 9050 MFP |