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PRIME IMAGING Checks bring a new standard to mid-level check stock providing all of the same great features found in TROY’s SECURITY Check line with the addition of more advanced fraud and forgery prevention technologies including Relief Printing in Courtesy Area Recognition (CAR) Area, Chemical Sensitivity, Invisible Fluorescent fibers, Toner adherence and a top of check Warning band  PRIME IMAGING Checks reduce the exposure to fraud and forgery like no other check in its class.  PRIME IMAGING Checks are the most secure, best value in the industry. 

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Front of Check

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Security Features
Each of the security features built into the SECURITY PLUS paper have been developed to provide Copy Prevention, Erasure / Alteration Prevention, Anti-Counterfeit Verification at Presentment, or Court Enforceable Forensic Verification, to learn more about the security objective for each of the features outline below click here.

Chemical Protection (Built Into Check Paper)
The paper has been developed to react with chemicals to provide recognizable signs of attempted alteration. This is one means used to help prevent against chemical alteration.


Toner Anchorage (Built Into Check Paper)
A special coating applied to the finished paper provides higher adhesion between the toner and the paper. Alteration attempts will cause the paper to delaminate. Tested to provide superior adhesion using TROY MICR Toner Secure™, this feature helps to prevent the removal of toner without causing visible damage to the paper.


Invisible Fluorescent Fibers (Built Into Check Paper)
These fibers have been randomly placed throughout the paper, they cannot be scanned or photocopied and are visible only under black (UV) light.

Warning Bar

Warning Band (Front of Check 1)
Located on the top of the check, the warning band is a reminder to the individual cashing the check that it is necessary to review the security features within the back-of-check legend to insure the checks authenticity.


UV Dull Paper (Built Into Check Paper)
Adding an additional layer of security to the paper, this feature allows for authentication by comparing an original to ordinary paper. By reducing the brighteners in the paper, its reflective properties are lowered, providing a blue tint when viewed under black (UV) light and further enhancing the visibility of Fluorescent Fibers.


NaNOcopy™ Void Pantograph
NaNOcopy™ provides all of the benefits of the void pantograph with the additional benefit of verifiability. Rather than using a simple dot pattern, the word “VOID” is made up of encrypted micro-alphaneumerical structures which can be viewed under magnification to verify the originality of the check. When an attempt is made to copy or scan the check, the hidden word “VOID” will appear in multiple locations. NaNOcopy™ is the only copy-evident technology that cannot be digitally replicated, but can be used to verify document origin for court enforceability.


Relief Image (Front of Check 3)
A three dimensional relief image “SECURITY PLUS” appears in the CAR area, this technology helps to protect against cut and paste alterations and cannot be scanned, photocopied or digitally reprinted.


SCANcheck™ (Back of Check 4)
A unique feature, SCANcheck™ provides document verification by revealing a hidden message within the ant-alteration box on the back of the check. The SCANcheck™ process is done by scanning the back of the check using a standard scanner set to specific settings. The hidden word “VALID” will appear in microtext code which helps offer 100% forensic verification for court enforceability.

simulated watermark

Simulated Watermark (Back of Check)
A “SECURE BY TROY” emblem printed on the back of each check can be easily viewed when the check is held at an angle.  The emblem cannot be replicated with a scanner, copier or digital camera.


Coin Reactive Pigment (Back of Check)
Built into the watermark, the ink changes color and reveals the watermark when rubbed with a coin providing a means of verification. 


Microtext Lines (Front of Check 5)
Characters of text are printed so small that they appear as a line to the naked eye, when viewed under magnification text becomes visible. The characters are no longer legible when the document is scanned or copied.


Anti-Alteration Box (Back of Check 6)
Located on the back of the check, this area incorporates thousands of micro-text characters, TROY Watermark and a three dimensional relief image “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT” that protect against cut and paste alterations and cannot be scanned, photocopied or digitally reprinted.


Secure Endorsement Area (Back of Check 7)
Each endorsement area line has been created with microtext, the endorsement area also includes watermark and coin reactive pigment providing multiple means of validation while making the area difficult to alter or replicate.


Detailed Legend /Warning Box (Back of Check 8)
To protect and authenticate each check, the Detailed Legend within the Warning Box include a list of security features and verification methods to be used at the point of presentment. Adding multiple layers of security to checks provides a greater level of protection.


Non-Negotiable Stub Backer (Back of Check 9)
The words “Not Negotiable” are printed in the stub portions of the form preventing misuse of the blank area.


MICR/OCR Compliant
TROY checks meet or exceed the character recognition standards set by ANSI for automated handling in both MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) environments.


Check 21 Friendly
All TROY Checks are Check 21 freindly assuring that all critical areas of the check drop out for Check 21 imaging compliance.