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The FORTRESS line of checks are the newest, most advanced, high security business check available; providing customers the ultimate means to avoid risk, exposure and costs associated with fraud and forgery. In addition to being produced with the most advanced in-paper and on-paper security features available, FORTRESS checks are also a “controlled” check stock and follow a strict Chain-of-Custody that prevents the sale or distribution to unauthorized parties. TROY FORTRESS checks, the ultimate choice in fighting off the high costs of fraud, provide court enforceable features for proving authenticity.

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Front of Check

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Security Features

Each of the security features built into the FORTRESS paper have been developed to provide Copy Prevention, Erasure / Alteration Prevention, Anti-Counterfeit Verification at Presentment, or Court Enforceable Forensic Verification, to learn more about the security objective for each of the features outline below click here.


Controlled Security

SafeImage™ Controlled Security Paper
The FORTRESS line of checks are printed on a security paper not available on the open market and subject to a strict Chain-of-Custody agreement insuring that each and every check can be traced back to its legitimate source.

True “Fourdrinier Watermark” Paper (Built Into Check Paper)
True watermark paper embeds unique security images into the paper during the milling process. The images “SAFE FIRST VERIFY” are visible in translucent and “pass through light” serving as an effective method of verification, that cannot be digitally replicated.
Unique Document Control Numbers (Back of Check 11)
Every FORTRESS check has a unique control number printed on it providing precise inventory control over every check kept in stock preventing employee theft; a useful feature for loss prevention and security audits.
TouchSafe® (Front of Check 1) .
Touchsafe is a simple method to verify the documents originality. By warming the emblem located on the lower left side of the check, the word “VALID” will appear if the check is an original.

Erasure Sensitive SEL & PMS Inks (Printed Onto the Front of each Check)
Check background has been printed with an erasable ink that reveals aleration attempts.

Chemical Protection (Built Into Check Paper)
This check stock will reveal a stain or spot whenever chemical alteration is attempted with high or low polarity solvents, oxidents, acids or alkalis are used. When used in conjunction with TROY MICR Toner Secure™, TROY FORTRESS checks provide the highest level of protection against chemical alteration.
Visible Blue & Red Fibers (Built Into Check Paper)
Fibers are very fine, randomly placed within the paper and are visible on both sides. Attempts to fraudulently copy are very difficult and randomness of fiber size and location is lost when multiple copies are made.
3-Color Prismatic Background (Front of Check 2)
Three background colors (blue, red, yellow) are blended together creating a background that is very difficult to replicate using modern copiers or scanners yet drop out when scanned, allowing for check 21 compliance.
Complex Microtext Relief Printing (Front of Check 3)
A secure printing technique utilized throughout the FORTRESS Check, can bend micro characters and images into unique patterns and shapes. Images can appear embossed or three-dimensional while being an encrypted microtext code that can serve as a court enforceable means to prove the authenticity of the check. A Check 21 scan friendly feature, relief line printing provides added protection in sensitive areas by making cut and paste attempts extremely difficult.
ThermoSafe Protection Bar (Front of Check 4) .
The blue bar printed across each check utilizes an erasure sensitive thermachromatic ink that will reveal any attempts to alter the check in critical areas. Rubbing or warming the blue bar causes the blue to temporarily fade away providing an additional means of verification.
Full Bleed Border (Front of Check 5)
The border bleeds to the edge of the paper eliminating any white space that might create a right or left border on each check. Making it difficult to scan and reprint on desktop printers or copiers.
High Resolution Border (Front of Check 6)
The resolution of the border makes it easy to verify and difficult to replicate. By creating a high resolution border the intricate details are built into each corner, when fraudulently reproduced, white space will blur together providing evidence of fraud.
Toner Anchorage (Front of Check 7)
A special coating applied to the finished paper provides higher adhesion between the toner and the paper. Alteration attempts will cause the paper to delaminate. Tested to provide superior adhesion using TROY MICR Toner Secure™, this feature helps to prevent the removal of toner without causing visible damage to the paper.
Invisible Fluorescent Fibers (Built Into Check Paper)
These fibers have been randomly placed throughout the paper, they cannot be scanned or photocopied and are visible only under black (UV) light.
Warning Band (Front of Check 8)
Located on the top of the check, the warning band is a reminder to the individual cashing the check that it is necessary to review the security features within the back-of-check legend to insure the checks authenticity.
UV Dull Paper (Built Into Check Paper)
Adding an additional layer of security to the paper, this feature allows for authentication by comparing an original to ordinary paper. By reducing the brighteners in the paper, its reflective properties are lowered, providing a blue tint when viewed under black (UV) light and further enhancing the visibility of Fluorescent Fibers.
NaNOcopy Void Pantograph Blue with NaNOcopy features NaNOcopy™ Void Pantograph (Front of Check 9)
NaNOcopy™ provides all of the benefits of the void pantograph with the additional benefit of verifiability. Rather than using a simple dot pattern, the word “VOID” is made up of encrypted micro-alphaneumerical structures which can be viewed under magnification to verify the originality of the check. When an attempt is made to copy or scan the check, the hidden word “VOID” will appear in multiple locations. NaNOcopy™ is the only copy-evident technology that cannot be digitally replicated, but can be used to verify document origin for court enforceability.
SCANcheck™ (Back of Check 12)
A unique feature, SCANcheck™ provides document verification by revealing a hidden message within the ant-alteration box on the back of the check. The SCANcheck™ process is done by scanning the back of the check using a standard scanner set to specific settings. The hidden word “VALID” will appear in microtext code which helps offer 100% forensic verification for court enforceability.
Microtext Lines (Back of Check 13)
Characters of text are printed so small that they appear as a line to the naked eye, when viewed under magnification text becomes visible. The characters are no longer legible when the document is scanned or copied.
Anti-Alteration Box (Back of Check 14)
Located on the back of the check, this area incorporates thousands of micro-text characters and a three dimensional relief image “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT” that protect against cut and paste alterations and cannot be scanned, photocopied or digitally reprinted.
Secure Endorsement Area (Back of Check 15)
Each endorsement area line has been created with microtext providing a means of validation while making the area difficult to alter or replicate.
Detailed Legend / Warning Box (Back of Check 16)
To protect and authenticate each check, the Detailed Legend within the Warning Box include a list of security features and verification methods to be used at the point of presentment. Adding multiple layers of security to checks provides a greater level of protection.
Non-Negotiable Stub Backer (Back of Check 17)
The words “Not Negotiable” are printed in the stub portions of the form preventing misuse of the blank area.
MICR/OCR Compliance
TROY checks meet or exceed the character recognition standards set by ANSI for automated handling in both MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) environments.
Check 21 Friendly CAR Area Image Check 21 Friendly CAR Area (Front of Check 10)
A critical and necessary area for Check 21 imaging compliance, relief printing allows lines and images within the courtesy amount area that serve as a security feature while maintaining Check 21 compliance. Attempts to copy or alter relief printing reveal fraud and prove authenticity.
Scanner representing Image Survivable Features

Secure Check 21 Image Survivable Features
Banks of first deposit are now immediately scanning checks to low resolution bit map files, based on the ANSI specified format, for transmission and clearing at the paying bank. This process loses all of the security features embedded in a traditional check. The risk: a bad counterfeit may appear to be a legitimate original, leaving the account holder bearing the loss. TROY FORTRESS checks include hidden microstructures that are retained through the scanning process, providing the account holder with a court enforceable method to verify originality.