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Check paper can be either preprinted with checking account information or purchased with built-in security features.  Preprinted stock provides an inherent fraud risk providing valuable account information on a blank document.  Companies utilize varies levels of security dependent upon the amount of risk that they are willing to embrace.  Those who perceive a low-risk of document alteration typically purchase a base security stock with the least number of security features where as other companies select the highest level of security stock to avoid risk, exposure and cost associated with fraud and forgery. 

Some base level security features include:  Watermark, Microprinting, non-negotiable stub backer, and elements such as a detailed legend outlining the security features included in the paper.  More advanced security features include NaNOcopy™, True "Fourdrinier Watermark", Thermochromatic Ink, Invisible Fluorescent Fibers,  and other features which are hidden throughout the paper.  Companies select a  level of security that suits the needs of their applications.  A definite cost savings can be achieved by selecting a blank check paper and printing your account information in the MICR clear band area utilizing a solution which prints MICR toner.  When selecting check paper for your company you have to first determine what risk level you want to assume.

TROY provides three lines of security check paper- TROY SECURITY, TROY SECURITY  PLUS and TROY FORTRESS this line of business checks offers the latest technology to prevent fraudulent copying, alteration and counterfeiting, while complying with the financial services industry requirements for check imaging and clearing.  In addition, IRD Paper is offered for banks to print their image replacement documents.


FORTRESS checks are the newest, most advanced, high security business check available. Developed to include 20 advanced Security Features, FORTRESS checks are printed on a controlled check stock paper and managed under a strict Chain-of-Custody. Read more about the NEW FORTRESS line of checks to find out why they are the ultimate choice in fighting off the high costs of fraud and forgery.

Features Include: Controlled Check Stock, Fourdrinier Watermark , Control Numbers, Relief Printing, Chemical Protection, Visible and Invisible Fibers, Toner Adhesion, Prismatic printing, Thermachromatic bar, NaNOcopyT, VOID Pantograph, Touchsafe®, ScanCheck, Secure Endorsement, Detailed Legend, UV Dull, Check 21 "image-survivable" security



A new standard for mid-level check stock. TROY SECURITY PLUS Checks reduce the exposure to fraud and forgery like no other check in its class making them the most secure, best value in the industry.

Features include: Chemical Sensitivity, Toner Anchorage, Fluorescent Fibers, Warning Band, UV Dull, NaNOcopyT VOID Pantograph, SCANcheckT, Watermark, Microtext, Anti-Alteration Box, Secure Endorsement, Detailed Legend, Check 21 Friendly



TROY SECURITY Checks - Quality, base-level checks with high level security features, TROY SECURITY Checks are designed for users who demand the best in check security while balancing the costs associated with processing a large number of checks. TROY SECURITY Checks are a first-class choice in quality, security and overall value.

Features include: NaNOcopyT VOID Pantograph, SCANcheckT, Watermark, Microtext, Anti-Alteration Box, Secure Endorsement, Detailed Legend, Check 21 Friendly



TROY provides paper options which allow for 3up or 1up IRD printing.  The 3up Paper provides the option of printing 3 IRDs on the same piece of paper.  Once the 3up IRD printing is complete this solution requires the bursting of your IRDs to create individuals IRDs at the specified size. 

Compliant with Check 21 imaging requirements, this check paper allows for easy scanning of documents.  For over 30 years TROY has been an industry leader in secure check printing solutions offering a full solution that protects the paper that you are printing checks on as well as the toner that you are using to print the checks and the printers within which you would like to print the checks.   Selecting the right check paper can help to prevent against document fraud.