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TROY MICR 2200 Secure
Printer Overview
Exact MICR Technology
Network Security
Operational Security
Enhanced Auditing
Document Security
Ease-of-Use Features

TROY MICR 2200 Secure

Product Overview
TROY Systems offers the industry's only end-to-end solution for printing checks and other MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) documents. Easy to use, Windows-friendly management. Custom-engineered MICR fonts and toner. The world's most dependable printers. Built-in network connections. And, most important of all, built-in end-to-end security.


MICR applications require security, quality, and control, and TROY MICR printers have been setting the standard for the industry for 30 years. Access to the MICR functionality is protected by a unique 3-position keylock, and passwords control MICR settings. Paper tray locks control who has access to the check stock, and electronic tray remapping prevents unauthorized printing from designated paper trays. Automatic reprint after a jam has been disabled to prevent duplicate checks from being printed. Print density controls are set at optimum levels for printing MICR documents. And when the toner begins to get low enough to compromise quality, the TROY MICR printer issues an alert.

TROY Exact MICR Technology (ExMT™)

TROY MICR solutions enjoy the industry's highest reader/sorter success rate. TROY manufactures its own MICR toner and designs its own MICR fonts specifically for each printer.

TROY Exact Positioning Technology™ (ExPT™) allows the operator to precisely position the MICR line and document image independently—eliminating the need for making programming changes to existing applications, and ensuring MICR readability. The result is output quality that cannot be equaled.

The TROY MICR 2200 desktop printer is well suited to providing convenient on-demand printing of business documents at 19ppm, including forms and financial documents. Its instant-on fuser virtually eliminates warm up time, allowing the first page to print in less than 15 seconds.

Advanced features and excellent quality at 1200-x-1200 dpi resolution combined with proven TROY MICR expertise makes this 19ppm MICR printer perfect for individuals and small workgroups. Based on the HP LaserJet 2200 printer, the TROY MICR 2200 desktop printer enables complex graphics, overlay forms, signatures, logos, and MICR to be printed in a single pass. The ability to use blank check stock to print payable and banking information eliminates worries about protecting preprinted checks.

TROY also offers MICR 2200, MICR 2200 Ex, MICR 2200 Secure Ex, MICR 2200T Secure, and a MICR 2200T Secure Ex models. Each model provides a combination of operational and security features—one that is certain to meet your needs.

At 19 pages per minute, TROY MICR 2200 printers are perfect as dedicated desktop printers but are also fast enough to be attached to a network and shared among a small workgroup. Capable of printing up to 1,000 documents per hour, MICR 2200 printers feature a duty cycle of 40,000 pages per month. The TROY MICR 2200 Secure printer feeds from one locking built-in paper tray and one multipurpose tray so that two different form sizes can be used alternately. The TROY MICR 2200T Secure model provides two locking sources of check stock or other paper, for easy, non-disruptive printing of checks and general office documents. The TROY MICR 2200 Secure or MICR 2200T Secure printer incorporates EIO slots, parallel ports and a Fast IrDA infrared port, making it more flexible in connecting to multiple hosts, a network, or a wireless environment.

Built-In Security

Operational Security

  • 3-position MICR keylock controls access to printer resources
  • User-selectable MICR time-out mode disables MICR functions
  • Password control over MICR settings
  • Disable reprint on a paper jam prevents duplicate check printing
  • Auto-protect font prints VOID if job is diverted to a non-TROY printer
  • Secure input trays safeguard forms and valuable paper stock
  • Input tray remapping restricts access to paper trays containing check stock
  • Document Security
  • TROY Security Fonts prevent alteration of check amount
  • TROY fraud-deterrent security paper detects document tampering

Exact MICR Technology™ (ExMT™)

  • HP LaserJet printers provide reliable, high quality performance
  • Exact Positioning Technology™ (ExPT™) allows fine tuning of image placement
  • Toner-low intelligence prevents printing under toner-low conditions
  • MICR toner sensor prevents check printing with non-MICR toner
  • Automatic print density settings ensure consistent MICR quality
  • Printer resident test pages provide quick visual proofing of MICR print quality
  • TROY copyrighted MICR fonts and TROY-manufactured MICR toner specifically engineered for each printer model
  • ANSI, ABA and APACS standards approval and superior MICR read rates
  • All TROY products are tested and approved by TROY's MICR Technology Center

Ease of Use Features

  • MICR management tools accessed through Windows-based Ex Printer Utility
  • Easy integration with most Windows-based accounting applications
  • Connectivity and network management with HP Web JetAdmin
  • One-pass printing with printer-resident signatures, logos, and forms overlays

Full support of all HP LaserJet accessories and options

Optional onsite service, technical support, and digital imaging of signatures, logos and forms are available.

TROY MICR 2200 Secure
Speed 19ppm
Processor 133Mhz RISC microprocessor
Resolution 1200-x-1200 dpi
Input Capacity 350 pages standard (expandable to 850)
Output Capacity 150 pages
Memory 8MB standard (expandable to 52MB)
Duplex Printing Included as standard feature
Dimensions 16" W x 17" D x 10" H
Weight 29 lbs.
Time to 1st Print Less than 15 seconds
Emulations Enhanced HP PCL 6
PostScriptLevel 2 Emulation

IEEE 1284-compliant parallel,
Fast IrDA-compliant infrared port
1 opn EIO slot

Fonts TROY E-13B, CMC-7 MICR Fonts, Postnet,
TROY Convenience Fonts (small, large, enhanced)
TROY Security Fonts, OCR-A, OCR-B
110 scalable TrueType fonts (65 TrueType fonts, 80 device fonts, 1 bitmapped font)
Printer Management HP WebJet Admin
TROY Ex Printer Utility
Duty Cycle Maximum of 40,000 pages/mo
Paper Sizes Letter, Legal, Executive, A4, A5,
Custom media 3" x 5" to 8.5" x 13"
Paper Trays (1) standard 250-sheet tray
(1) 100-sheet multipurpose tray
(1) optional 500-sheet or 250-sheet tray
Toner MICR Cartridge: 5,000 pages (5% coverage)
Standard: 6,000 pages (5% coverage)
Warranty 1-year return to factory, optional on-site service
TROY MICR 2200T Secure
Dimensions 16 in.(W)-x-17 in.(D)-x-13.2 in.(H).
Weight 36 lbs.
Paper Trays (2) Locking 250-sheet trays
(1) 100-sheet multi-purpose tray

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