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TROY Font Memory Kits


TROY makes it easy for you to add high-quality MICR printing capabilities to your existing HP LaserJet printer.  With the addition of a TROY Font DIMM or Font Memory Card the TROY Security Fonts will be added to your printer. 

Advantage of TROY Font Memory Kit:

  • Ability to print checks & other financial documents in one easy step

  • No more pre-printed checks to order, safeguard and destroy once obsolete

TROY MICR Fonts should be combined with TROY MICR Toner to ensure a consistently high-level of MICR printing.  TROY MICR Fonts & Toners are precision-manufactured in our ISO 9001-2000 certified facility. As an added convenience company logos and signatures can be digitized and stored on a customized TROY Font DIMM or TROY Font Memory Card. 

TROY Font Memory Kits

TROY 2420/2430 Font Card Kit                   02-20367-001

TROY 4250/4350 Font Card Kit                   02-20368-001

TROY 9050 Font Card Kit                            02-20369-001

(ONLY works with the 9050 series)

TROY 1200 Font DIMM Kit                        02-19828-001

TROY 1300/1320 Font DIMM Kit               02-20197-001

TROY 2200 Font DIMM Kit                        02-19829-001

TROY 2300 Font DIMM Kit                        02-20191-001

TROY 4200 Font DIMM Kit                        02-20120-001

TROY 4300 Font DIMM KIt                        02-20121-001

TROY 8150 Font DIMM Kit                        02-19819-001

TROY 8150 Font DIMM Kit                        02-19819-001

TROY 9000 Font DIMM Kit                        02-19860-001


* Please make certain that you are ordering the appropriate Font Memory Kit for your TROY or HP printer model, Cards & DIMMs are not cross-compatible.

Signature & Logo Digitization

TROY's Digital Imaging Specialists can convert your signature into a secure, digital image unique for your use. The images can then be safeguarded with password protection in the printer, or stored digitally in the check printing software. Other images, such as logos, and address blocks can be digitally imaged and stored in the printer or your software. A form can be stored as well to replace pre-printed designs. Storing images in the printer can provide additional security and controls, as well as minimize the data sent to the printer with every print job.


TROY DIMM with Custom Image for TROY MICR Printers

Model Numbers

TROY Signature/Logo DIMM Kit              02-20308-001
TROY MICR 2300 Printers/HP LaserJet 2300 Printers

TROY MICR 4200 Printers/HP LaserJet 4200 Printers

TROY MICR 4300 Printers/HP LaserJet 4300 Printers

TROY MICR 8150 Printers/HP LaserJet 8150 Printers

TROY MICR 9000 Printers/HP LaserJet 9000 Printers