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Point of Sale Ribbons & Ink Rollers

BROTHER BRJ-121S S 10mm X 10m 300
M-2024 S 10mm X 4m 300
Z-025 S 10mm X 12m 300
SR 302 S 8mm X 10m 6/120
SR 402 S 8mm X 11m 6/60
CITIZEN 200GX H 8mm X 12m 150
120D S 8mm X 12m 150
DP-600/IR-61 S 13mm X 8m 1/100
IR-71 S 13mm X 11m 1/100
MD 910 SML 4mm X .208m 5/100
EPSON ERC-02 S 13mm X 6m 100
ERC-05 SML 4mm X 0.17m 1000
ERC-09 SML 4mm X 0.208m 1000
ERC-22 SML 4mm X 0.208m 1000
ERC-03 S 13mm X 10m 200
ERC-11 S 13mm X 10m 150
ERC-11 H 13mm X 9m 150
ERC-18 S 13mm X 12m 150
ERC-21 S 13mm X 10m 150
ERC-23 H 13mm X 3m 200
ERC-27 H 10mm X 4m 12/144
ERC-30/34/38 H 13mm X 6m 1/100
ERC-31 S 13mm X 13m 100
ERC-32 S 13mm X 9m 100
ERC-35 S 13mm X 12m 6
ERC-37 S 13mm X 8m 6
FUJITSU DL-1100 SML 8mm X 1.8m 200
DL-2400 S 16mm X 30m 50
DL-3400 H 13mm X 8m 100
T-2 POS S 14mm X 14m 150
I B M IBM-2380 SML 8mm X 1.8m 200
IBM-4683 S 13mm X 17m 100
IBM-4201 H 11mm X 25m 100
N C R NCR-2126/2140 S (reservoir) 10mm X 10m 200
NCR 7156 SML 8mm X 1.2m 12/144
O K I OKI-182/192 SML 8mm X 1.8m 300
OKI-390/391 SML 8mm X 1.8m 300
OKI-520/590 SML 8mm X 1.8m 250
OKI-292 S 21.5mm X15m 50
OKI-293/294 S 21.5m X 24m 20
OKI-393 H 13mm X 25m 30
PANASONIC KX-P145 SML 8mm X 1.8m 250
KX-P140/155 SML 10.5mm X 1.8m 250
KX-P150 SML 8mm X 1.8m 160
KX-P160 SML 8mm X 1.8m
S T A R NX-1000 S 8mm X 8m 150
NX-2400 H 8mm X 8m 150
SP-200 S 13mm X 4m 1/100
SP-300 S 13mm X 6m 1/100
T E C MA-1040 S 13mm X 12m 100
MA-1450/1650 S 13mm X 12m 6/120
TOSHIBA R-31 S 13mm X 16m 200
VERIFONE 900 S 12.7mm X 8m 6/120




CP-8 Purple 5/50/100
CP-9 Purple 5/50/100
CP-10 Purple 5/50/100
CP-12 Purple 5/50/1,000
CP-15 Purple 5/50/1,000
IR-40 Purple 5/50/1,000
IR-40T Black/Red 5/50/1,000
IR-72 Purple 5/50/1,000
IR-74 Purple 5/40/1,000
IR-78 Red 5/50/1,000
IR-78 Purple 5/50/1,000
IR-78 Black 5/50/1,000
IR-90/91/92 Purple 1/200
IR-93 Purple 5/30/300
CIR-3013 Purple 12/288
NCR 2113 Purple 1/200
TEC 2200 Re-Inker Purple 1/10/500
TEC MA-135 Purple 1/10/300
TEC MA-140/190 Purple 1/10/300
TEC MA-150/160 Purple 1/10/200
TEC MA-230/290 Purple 1/10/200