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TROY Security Printers

As a worldwide provide of Secure Output Solutions, TROY MICR Security Printers deliver the ultimate level of security for localized, distributed and production workgroup applications. TROY's security printing solutions offer breakthrough innovations in fraud-deterrent security, unsurpassed quality and operational controls, as well as flexible integration, technical expertise, service, and support.  Each Secure Printer utilizes an HP LaserJet base unit.

TROY Security Printers

TROY MICR 2015 Printer
The TROY MICR 2015 27 ppm printer to handle 15,000 pages a month of secure document printing.
Models: MICR 2015 Printer


TROY MICR 3005 Printer Series
An ideal solution for Accounts Payable, Exception and Distributed check printing, the TROY MICR 3005 Printer series utlizes HP Instant-On Technology allowing it to print jobs sooner with faster throughput than competitive printers. 
Models: 3005 MICR Printer l 3005 MICR Secure l 3005 MICR Secure Ex


TROY MICR 4250 Printer Series
At 45 pages per minute, the TROY MICR 4250 Printer series low cost of ownership, increased speed and higher input capacity brings a new class of printing to all aspects of a secure check printing workflow.
Models: 4250 MICR Printer l 4250 MICR Secure l 4250 MICR Secure Ex


TROY MICR 4350 Printer Series
The TROY MICR 4350 Printer series, with print speeds of 55 ppm, combined with its high performance input and output accessories, stands alone as the fastest desktop laser printer, rivaling mid-volume MICR printers at 1/10th the cost.

Models: 4350 MICR Printer l 4350 MICR Secure l 4350 MICR Secure Ex


TROY MICR 9050 Printer Series
With its robust printing capabilities, 50 ppm and a duty cycle of 300,000 pages per month, the TROY MICR 9050 Printer series is integral to secure document production in high-end and distributed printing environments.
Models: 9050 MICR Printer l 9050 MICR Secure l 9050 MICR Secure Ex